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Paying for Care & Later Life Advice

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Paying for Care & Later Life Advice

The Financial Dilemma of Living Longer

We are living longer than ever before. With longevity we are faced with financial pressures. People retiring today may well be in retirement longer than their working careers. The importance of engaging specialist independent financial advice focusing on later life issues, such as long term care, cannot be understated. Find out more about how we can help.

Financial Planning in Later Life

Living to a great age means we should review our goals and financial plans, adapting to our changing circumstances. We have a range of services to help Enduring and Lasting Powers of Attorneys as well as Court Appointed Deputies and seniors who deal with their own financial planning. This includes planning to pay lifetime care fees.

Later Life Marriage/Divorce

With our ageing population, more people over the age of 65 are getting married and/or divorced. Second marriages bring with them financial planning challenges which are unique to each person. Our New Beginnings Service helps our older clients to build robust and personal financial plans.

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